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The first adult leisure centre in Russia.
Enhance your sex life in a legal and safe way!
Spend some time in the company of premium sex dolls.



Independent, self-reliant and relaxed.
She is open-minded and ready to do whatever and wherever you wish.

Height: 156 cm
Weight: 33 kg
Breast size: huge
Measurements: bust 115 cm, waist 51 cm, hips 80 cm
Business-like, energetic and independent.
She is self-confident and likes to keep everything under control.

Height: 158 cm
Weight: 32 kg
Breast size: big
Measurements: bust 79 cm, waist 51 cm, hips 85 cm
She is femininity and tenderness incorporate.
Modest and obedient, she wears a pretty smile that will charm anyone.

Height: 165 cm
Weight: 32 kg
Breast size: big
Measurements: bust 88 cm, waist 51 cm, hips 87 cm
She is an easy-going and freedom-loving girl.
Routine leads to boredom, that's why she likes to change the setting and to experiment every so often.

Height: 148 cm
Weight: 25 kg
Breast size: big
Measurements: bust 75 cm, waist 51 cm, hips 74 cm
Sweet and friendly, a fun-loving girl.
She is a tender and innocent flower, pleasing any man's eye.

Height: 152 cm
Weight: 31 kg
Breast size: big
Measurements: bust 88 cm, waist 41 cm, hips 86 cm
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Dolls Hotel - Our Rooms

Our hotel offers spacious and comfortable luxury rooms.
The rooms are decorated in different styles: from a classic modest style to more audacious designs, where you can realize your wildest dreams.
Each room is equipped with an air conditioner and an LCD panel with video-chat access.

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Gift Certificates
These days, stag parties are celebrated in ever more liberal forms: young guys want their last day before the wedding to be something to remember.
Finding a good gift that will surprise the soon-to-be husband is a complicated task. Are you looking for ideas for a stag party?
LumiDolls will bring your friend beyond ordinary joy, giving him an unforgettable experience.

We will deliver the doll of your choice wherever you want it.
Home Delivery
Delivery is available across Moscow and Moscow Region within two hours after the booking, if the doll you choose is available.
If a doll is unavailable at the time of the booking, the operator will call you for details.
The doll will be delivered directly to your apartment.

We guarantee full anonymity and confidentiality.

What are the dolls made of?
All the dolls are made of medical grade silicone that gives a real-feel – it's like touching a woman's body!
The skeletons are made of high quality metal alloy, providing the dolls with soft and flexible limbs, allowing them to assume any position.
All the openings are anatomic copies of female body parts, made of medical grade silicone.
How do you ensure the dolls are sterile?
After every client each doll undergoes thorough medical disinfection. We use special European medical products, which excludes the risk of infections. This procedure is in compliance with the strictest global standards, approved by European certificates and research.
Is it legal to use sex dolls?
It is completely legal to use sex dolls. We are not offering sex services as such, so there is no violation of law. From the legal point of view, what you are doing is renting a hotel room and equipment.
Do these dolls possess artificial intelligence?
This line of dolls does not have an AI-feature. Dolls with artificial intelligence are currently under development and are not supplied.
Where do I find a doll's operation manual?
Is it possible to damage a doll?

Each LumiDoll is made of durable and elastic medical grade silicone, and it will require some effort to damage it.
The dolls do not sink and are easy to wash.
The metallic skeleton can withhold pressure up to 150 kg, but you should avoid putting extreme pressure on the movable joints.

LumiDolls Customer Experience
The dolls are very realistic, never would have thought so. When you enter her, the material sticks tightly to your penis, creating a vacuum with a strong sucking effect.
My orgasm was a lot brighter and longer than with a real girl.
Just don't spare any lubricant!

З It's great that now there is a place you can come to for new experience, guilt-free and without cheating on anyone.
I enjoyed everything. The hostess was polite, the room looked cool and modern, and of course the doll was great.
Media Coverage
Russia's First Legal Brothel to Open in Moscow

Dolls Hotel, an adult leisure centre, will open in Moscow in late April. It will be the base for Russia's first legal brothel, LumiDolls.

The hotel's main feature is that it will only offer the services of sex dolls – with mechanic movement, heating and AI. Hourly room rates vary from RUB 1 500 to RUB 2 500, depending on the room type. The range includes "Fantasy", "Luxury" rooms and "Room with a Cage". Together with the sex doll, the rate goes up to RUB 5 000 per hour.

The centre's owners plan to launch ten similar hotels in Russia and the CIS countries within the year. In five years, they plan to operate 50 hotels in major cities and at resorts all across the globe.

Source - the-village.ru/village/weekend/wknd-news/309853-dolls-hotel

The Village
News of Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Ekaterinburg. People, Places, Events.
"First Legal Bordello" with Sex Dolls to Open in Russia

Dolls Hotel – a recreation centre featuring Russia's first legal bordello, called LumiDolls and offering the services of sex dolls, – is about to open its doors in Moscow. This is stated in a press-release received by TVRain from Dolls Hotel. The project has already acquired $ 300 000 of investments, with a necessary sum of $ 1,5 million.

The first recreation centre will start its operations in Moscow-City district in late April 2018, with at least 10 more centres scheduled to open in Russia and the CIS.

Source - tvrain.ru

Russian 24-hour news channel
First Cathouse with Sex Dolls to Open in Russia

The first legal brothel will open in Moscow in late April. Its main feature is that sex services there will be offered by prostitutes made of silicone.

According to Inc. business and tech portal, Dolls Hotel leisure centre will soon open in the Russian capital. It will feature Russia's first legal brothel, LumiDolls, offering the services of sex dolls with AI. Hourly rates amount to RUB 5 000 per hour (for a room with a doll) or up to RUB 2 500 (without the doll), depending on the room type ("Fantasy", "Room with a Cage", "Luxury").

Source - woman.ru/relations/sex/article/218931/

All-Russia Women's Portal
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